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14 Rajab 1440 - 20 March 2019
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About Us

Our Vision

"SLMCC's vision is for it to be at the heart of the community promoting deeper understanding and knowledge about Islam and what it means to be a practising and responsible Muslim in the UK." 

 SLMCC's mission

(a)   to actively promote Islam to all age groups, in particular to youngsters and children so that they follow the teachings of Islam and, in turn, remain focused on making a positive contribution to society;

(b)   to actively involve Muslim females across all age groups;

(c)    to support the local Muslim community and promote sporting activities among young Muslims and welcome all those from other faith groups; and

(d)   to provide a suitable balance of Islamic and beneficial secular education to all age groups and welcome contributions and productive engagement with other faith groups."

 We are currently serving the British Muslim communities of more than twenty
nationalities. SLMCC was recognized as contemporary forward thinking Masjid in West London.

 Our Services

Five time prayers

Jummua Prayers

Quran Classes for Children

Quran Memorising Classes for Boys & Girls

Intensive Hifz Course

Islamic Education

Da'wah Work

Tafseer and Fiqh Classes

Tajweed Adult Classes

Islamic Annual Conference

Guest Scholars Speech

Sport (Athletic) Events

Cricket Tournament

Foot Ball Tournament


Family fun Day

Health Clinic

Health Care Advice


Taraweeh Prayers

Qiyami Lail Prayers

27th Night of Ramadan Programs


Eid Prayers

Eid Get to Gather Functions

Collection & Distribution of Zakath, Sadaqa, Fithra and Ulhiyya

Local & International Relief Programs

Islamic Book Shop

Conferences, Seminars and Discussions

Carrier Guidance Programme

Welfare Associations Meetings

Peacemaking among Community

Nikah & Waleema Ceremonies

Janaza Assistance

Ghaib Janaza Prayers

Hajj Guidance

Community Tours

Ijthima Conferences

SLMCC provides a wide range of services & facilities for the local Muslim Community.

SLMCC Services & Highlights

  • Serving the British Muslim communities of more than twenty nationalities.
  • SLMCC was recognized as contemporary forward thinking Masjid in west London.
  • Maintaining a good working relationship with Members of parliament, Harrow Mayor, Councillors and other officials of London Borough of Harrow.
  • Conducting career advancement and educational guidance for students.
  • Conducting free health check-up and presentations with a view to increasing awareness of healthy work-life balance.
  • Organising annual summer events including football, cricket, athletics and BBQ funfair for all age groups. Hosting special events in partnership with various UK organisations, including London Olympic Committee and Ifthar 2012 organising committee.
  • Community police officers have recognised the premises of SLMCC as a venue for dispute resolution and promote safe neighbouring initiatives.
  • Leading Islamic scholars in the United Kingdom have delivered presentations and conducted programmes including Br Abdur Raheem Green, Dr. Haitham Al Haddath, Dr. Azam Thamimi, Dr. Dawood Abdullah, Mr. Anas Tikretti and Mr. Yusuf Chambers to name a few.
  • SLMCC hosts a Northwest London Professional Muslim Ladies programme which is conducted on a weekly basis.
  • An active affiliate of Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).
  • Initiate Fundraising/awareness activities for events such as the genocide on Myanmar, Syria, Libya and Gaza.


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