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Posted on: 22 February 2016

Eighth Hifz convocation of Al Falah Educational Centre took place on 20th of February in a grand fashion at Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre, UK (SLMCC) with eight Huffaz completing their memorisation of the Holy Quran. Hafiz Muad Hanook, Hafiz Farzan Faizeen, Hafiz Mirsab Majeeth, Hafiz Ammar Munawar, Hafiz Habibullah Omary, Hafiz Ehtesham Yusuf, Hafiz Unays Adam and Hafiz Ibrahim Omar successfully completed the memorisation of the Holy Quran. Out of the eight students, four of them were of Sri Lankan origin. This reflects that the SLMCC caters not only to the Sri Lankan community but also to the wider Muslim communities in the borough of Harrow.

The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq of Al Kawthar Academy of Leicester. Other distinguished guests present were Sheikh Yusuf Ahmed Rawat, Imam of Hendon Mosque, Sheikh Ridwan Mohammed, former Vice Principal of Al Falah Educational Centre and Sheikh Abu Abdurrahman who had come all the way from Libya to take part in the event. The event drew a fully packed house of over 1000 people from in and around London who came to witness the grand event.

In 2006, the first Hafiz passed out and since then 27 students have successfully completed the memorization of Holy Quran which is a great achievement for Al Falah and the parents of these students. Students learn at Al Falah on a part time basis while attending school. Most of the Hifz students have shown very high academic performance and some of them are studying at Grammar schools in London. Last year 34 Al Falah students led Qiyammul Layl (midnight) prayers at SLMCC and most of these students conducted Tharaweeh prayers at eight locations in and around Harrow area.

The convocation was chaired by Br. Bakir Arifdeen and the welcome note was delivered by Br. Mohamed Naufal. The event started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Hafiz Faik Faizeen followed by a talk by Sheikh Yusuf Ahmed Rawat who stressed the importance on reflecting upon the Quran and Sunnah on our day to day life. That was followed by a speech by President of SLMCC, Br. Junaideen Mubarak, who summarised the activities of Al Falah and SLMCC. The Chief Guest, Sheikh Riyadul Haq delivered his lecture on “Quran and Knowledge” where he summarised the importance of learning the Quran into three key parts: read, understand and act upon. He further said that Allah SWT will provide barakah in time to those who are closer to Allah and those who adhere to the teachings of holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad.

Sheikh Ridwan Mohammed had come all the way from Reunion Island for the convocation and was honoured by the Al Falah management. He also delivered a short speech and stressed the importance of understanding the Quran while memorising.

Sheikh Abu Abdurrahman was a former teacher of Al Falah who had devoted much of his time to build Al Falah from the inception. it was Sheikh Abu Abdurrahman who started the Hifz intensive program at Al Falah which runs twice a year with students attending from many parts of London. Further, he took a group of Hifz students to Masjid un Nabawi, Madina during the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 to extend their learning from our beloved Prophet’s. This was a great moral boost for those students and many of whom have already completed their Hifz and progressed to their academic careers.

SLMCC was established in 2002 in Harrow and the Quran madrasa named Al Falah Educational Centre was started soon afterwards. Hifz section of the madrasa was started in 2003 by Hafiz Munawar & Sheikh Abdul Halim Jalal and the first Hafiz, Abdul Rahman Munawar, successfully completed the memorisation of holy Quran and passed out in 2006. At present, there are 555 learning and memorising Quran along with Islamic studies. Out of these, 80 are on Hifz program. Al Falah has 38 teachers who teach Quran, Islamic studies and Hifz. Initially, classes were conducted from Mondays to Thursdays but due to the high demand classes were extended to all 7 days. Due to the growing demand, Al Falah was restructured in 2011 to cater to wider student population and a comprehensive syllabus with text books was introduced. The restructuring enabled Al Falah to expand the student population and introduce a systematic teaching with periodic assessment methods.

In addition to evening classes, Hifz students attend classes soon after Fajr prayers on a daily basis, before going to school. This provides them with additional opportunity to memorise the Quran when their minds are fresh. Another 9 students, 5 girls and 4 boys are nearing completion of memorising the holy Quran.

Vote of thanks was delivered by the Principal of Al Falah, Hafiz Munawar who emotionally narrated his own experience of how Allah provides miraculous cure where he fully recovered from a heart surgery in less than two months. He thanked all the guests, Al Falah committee members, teachers, staff and the volunteers who worked tirelessly to the success of this event. This was followed by an authentic Sri Lankan dinner, enjoyed by everyone!

Information source : Al Falah Educational Centre, SLMCC UK

By I. Wahab, London


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